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Mind, Body & Soul Healing

Let’s create the perfect blend of services for you. 

Integrated Bodywork

I will feel your physical tensions and scan your emotional blockages. Physical tension many times comes from emotional blockages. I work through the muscles deeply, to free up the cells, to allow for full regeneration and strength. We unlock emotional imbalances, physical pain, and sometimes even deep wounds and trauma. Release, restoration and connection are the intentions for the session.

Intuitive Coaching

Creating A Heart Opening Container In 3 Steps:

1. Get to the root cause of entanglements and source of the discord

2. Peel away the parts of self and imbalances that are not serving you

3. Identify a plan of alignment and action steps for deliberate creation and manifestation

Guided Energy Flow

We intentionally move through your body creating a wave of energy flow, acknowledging and dissolving imbalances to release trapped energy and/or blocked emotional barriers. Through energetic movement, breathing and guided visualization, we restore the natural balance in the depths of your cells and soul.

Biofeedback Scan,

Optimization & Intuitive Reading

Biofeedback is a noninvasive device that measures electromagnetic signals and subtle bio-frequencies in your body, giving you a detailed health status of your organs, systems, tissues, and emotional imbalances. Once the system identifies areas needing improvement, it optimizes you, providing frequencies to restore in the areas that are out of alignment.

An email with sound frequencies designed specifically for your emotional healing, and two detailed reports from your scan results will be sent to you. You will also receive an intuitive reading about the scan, where you will be given clear actions steps.

Pricing & Packages

Purpose Filled Bodywork $240 for 90 minutes
(inquire about shorter and longer sessions and travel pricing)

Energy Healing, Insightful Coaching, and Intuitive Guidance
$360 with a minimum of 90 minutes (inquire about travel pricing)

Get an immersion session for $800 with a combination of the different services,
we agree upon during 4-5 hours of dynamic transformation.

Connect with me for the combining of services for an assessment

Dive Deep Into Your Transformation

Immersion Journey

This is a two night, three day retreat, customized to completely alter your state of being and give you the ultimate, unlimited space to break down, breakthrough and integrate. You will be fed, nurtured, cared for, given deep truths and allowed to be the real you. This is a journey that can take many different paths. Within this container is a safe space, designed to completely let go, ascend into a fifth dimensional space to see, to feel and to heal. Diving deep into trauma and wounds to unconditionally love and heal your inner child. Wherever spirit leads us and whatever the space calls for, is where we will boldly go; the dark, the light, the wounded, the healed, to be…allowing yourself to become the I Am in You! Please contact me for a consultation to see if this Immersion Journey is the perfect experience for you to embrace.

Relationship Mastery Experience

Relationship dynamics can be complex and multi dimensional with many layers. We tackle this endeavor as a team, discovering communication gaps, vibrational misalignment and fundamental imbalances. Be ready to sit in the darkness, move through the despair and thrive in your new found reality.  

This Alignment & Integration Program is designed for simultaneous growth, both people must be committed to themselves and each other every step of the way, while going after an extraordinary life together. 

Over a 12 week period, you will receive:

  1. Transformational Exercises
  2. Life-Altering Conditioning
  3. Customized Communication Skills For Each Other
  4. Deepened Attraction
  5. Leveling Up Your Intimate Connection
  6. Next Level Love For Yourself
  7. Amplified Love For Each Other
  8. A Blueprint Of Your Current Relationship
  9. A Blueprint Of Your Projected Relationship
  10. 4 hours of in person or zoom coaching a week 
  11. A 3 day, 2 night weekend retreat together filled with ultimate relationship transformation & guidance
  12. Texting support for daily inquiries and bumps in your relationship  

Receive Your Matching Heart

This is a 12 week support and integration journey. You will receive a once a week zoom or in person session with me. As well as texting whenever you may have questions or something comes up, along with a two day/one night relationship aligning intensive. Once we have decided to work together, we will determine when the intensive will best serve you on your journey.

The program focuses on opening the space for you to receive your love, we work through the pathways of your energetic field and emotionally imbalanced programming. We dig deep into your psyche, identifying blind spots trapping you in realities and patterns that are misaligned. Moving through these blockages ensures that the counter energies are no longer holding you back from your perfect partner. 

We create a detailed framework for your energetic mate through customized tools, meditation and visualization processes; this will ensure to help you see through your inner eye and intuitively align your essence with the person that is your true matching heart. This may or may not happen over night, and it can take consistent practice, self awareness, and patience for divine timing. 

The intensive is a full two day experience, where the juiciness of your layers unravel and come undone. What you think you want and what your soul knows you need can be two different things. It is a journey that supports you in making peace with who you are and clarifies what you are wanting to receive. We will create the framework for your partner, birth the magic of your future relationship and align your vibration.

Pregnancy & Birth By Design 

I am free birther by design. Each of my pregnancies were designed intentionally to match the frequency of my baby in my womb. I’d love to help you do the same and so much more.

As Your Pregnancy Coach, I Am Your:

  1. Ally
  2. Healer
  3. Bodyworker
  4. Informational Resource
  5. Birth Architect & Advocate
  6. Postpartum Supporter
  7. & More To Discover Along The Way
  8. A Blueprint Of Your Current Relationship

We Will Create Together:

  1. Peace
  2. Trust
  3. Knowing
  4. Connection
  5. A Clear Birth Plan
  6. Pregnancy Joy
  7. Acceptance
  8. Surrender

Lives Who Have Been Touched

“An Out Of This World Healing Experience”

“I have been seeing Krisztina for over a year now. Every time my experiences have been very positive. I’m quite busy with a demanding work schedule & she has been very accommodating for me. She’s friendly and down-to-earth, provides a very relaxing, enjoyable and beneficial massage, and intuitively she can identify areas that may need more work than others. I would highly recommend her services and I am excited to continue working with her. Allan W

“Working with Kz has been such a blessing for our family. The cohesiveness we feel after each session is amazing, even if the rawness from the changes is still there. When the times of adjustments come, she is right there to aid in keeping the balance during the chaos. She is amazing at pointing us in the right direction and keeping the ship sailing toward our brightest future. Her ability to be right there in every situation is remarkable, and she is a one of our dearest friends. Thank you for your consistency in being there for us.” Lauren R

“Krisztina’s assessment skills are unbelievable. She has helped me clearly identify the traumas from my past that were holding me back, and how it directly related to the men that I was attracting in my life. Within six months of working with her, I found the man of my dreams and we’re expecting our first child.” Rachel M

“Krisztina helped changed my extremely volatile relationship with my son. He was bringing the entire household’s energy down and causing many fights. She came in sat us all down and gave us an accurate assessment of what was happening. Then she gave us the tools to change the environment. It took more than a few weeks for us to fully implement the change, but she continued to give us feedback and help us through the bumps in the road. Even though, we still have hard times we don’t immediately get discouraged. We look back at what Krisztina said and apply the tools to the moment. It has been a game changer for us all; the entire home environment feels significantly better.” Kat D

“Krisztina is what I would call a true healer. She believes in her work, and I know she practices it in her own life. Her bodywork is focused, intentional and connected. Even when she is trying to work out knots and getting in there, I can feel her care and kindness come through; she is firm yet tender. Her energy work and guided meditation takes me into complete relaxation, transcending the outside world. When she is helping me work through any issues I may be moving through, she is completely present and allows me to express while keeping focused on my objective of moving forward. She stays in a space of total acceptance and love when listening and expressing. What’s really neat, is that I always leave her sessions feeling like I have the tools for real change. She is a super intuitive and really trusts her inner guidance system to lead every person in the right direction. She is a gem and many times over my Rock. I am so thankful to have her apart of my life. What’s really fantastic, is that she has so many skills, so I end of feeling like my mind, body and soul have all been fed, and you will too!” Michael A

“Krisztina is a wealth of knowledge & wisdom, skill & ability and is an inspiration to work with. Her healing-hands and heartfelt presence, combine to work wonders. Her intuition is keen and her discernment is spot on. There is a sense of calming in her presence, and she is a very grounded force, to assist you in getting to where you are heading. She holds an open, tender and non-judgmental space for transformation to take place. Her ability to focus on the perfect issue(s) at hand, is remarkable, and she contextualizes it in an empowering way that is easy to receive. She addresses not only the physical components, but also the emotional and spiritual catalysts of the underlying issues. Her assistance has a way of unfolding, not only when in her sessions, but in the days, weeks and months to come. Krisztina is a gift from the heavens, sent to heal, reveal and bring love and light to those on an evolutionary journey.” Sam D

Invest In You!

– Be Patient, Be Bold, Be Committed –