A Little More About Me

My childhood consisted of a great deal of trauma including sexual abuse, an eating disorder, an emotionally toxic and abusive home environment, a preteen rape, bullying and the death of my mother, all before the age of 18. I was deeply wounded and insecure, but the commitment to myself and to move through my traumas got me through it. Through my life experiences, I have become a beacon of light and hope for those experiencing pain and hurt. I choose to take the circumstances of my life and help others on their healing journey.

I am a mother of four uniquely perfect children, and a wife to a pretty awesome husband. I am a free birther, and an advocate of choice and change. I am, and have always been a healer; it’s in my blood, and a part of my core being. I am also a coach, consultant, guide, body worker and an intuitive. Ultimately, I am an agent and facilitator of change and evolution, of growth and heightened levels of awareness and consciousness. I am here to continue to grow, and assist other willing participates to do the same. I look forward to assisting and encouraging those who are connected and called to working with me.

My Signature

My practice is built around transparency and trust. I don’t claim to know it all or to have it all together, but I am real and stand for what I believe in. I stand for people having greater levels of awareness, for giving clear options through this awareness and to live the lives they truly want. I have mastered some extremely important skills to help people connect them to themselves deeply and expose what is really going on. I have developed techniques to help them move forward and to be able to clearly make decisions about their future. I am able to easily see many perspectives at once, assess them and help to calculate the best steps moving forward. My signature blueprint style is deep care and love through it all. I remain firm but tender to help usher in deep and lasting shifts.

“Krisztina connected me to my soul and helped align me with my divine purpose, focus and passion.” -Nathan

My Process

My work is about: helping you connect to where you are truly at, defining your feelings, clarifying what decisions you are making based on those feeling, and how you have manifested certain circumstances based on these feelings and emotions. I am an anchor for you and a place you can feel safe to fully, without any filters, express everything and anything. I help bring a balance of the light and dark, so you can easily see what’s happening, what has been created and what direction you want to move in. I believe awareness is a key and I also feel every single situation and person is unique and both should be treated this way.

There is a time to reflect, there is a time to process and then ultimately there is a time to have the courage to move forward. It’s important not to get stuck in all the processing and reflecting, but it’s equally as important to not ignore and suppress what your current situation looks like. Just be real, let go and allow.

“Krisztina tapped me into the infinite, which allowed me to enter into a reality to discover my best self.” -Christy

My Healing Approach

The energetic imprint of each session is unique, because each person and moment is distinct; and therefore, I will customize the perfect experience for you.
Here are a few frequencies in my approach:
•Unconditional Love
•Kindness and Care
•Core Honesty
•Judgment Free Space
•Tender yet Firm 

Qualifications & Training

I have done extensive work with top healers, coaches, Shaman’s and practitioners; from past life regression therapy, silent meditation retreats, to acute trauma healing and deep energetic cleanses just to name a few. Studying with several elites in the field of personal growth has evolved my outlook to become aware of truth, transparency and deep connection to self. I have taken from all of my life experiences and trainings to create a perfect blend of energies to develop a unique style of engaging with my clients.