I am a believer in practicing what you preach. It’s important to stand by your words; words have a great deal of energy and power behind them. We must create energetic harmony in life! Especially for a facilitator of change in the world, it’s instrumental to look at yourself in the mirror and check-in. It is important to make sure your energy is clean and clear, so you can be a beneficial presence in the universe. This way, you can show up strong and grounded for yourself and others. It is easy in the transformational realm to forget this is a part of the work. This can get overlooked in any line of work.

I am an extremely busy person, between running a household with four young children along with operating a business; there is many excuses I can use to justify, why I haven’t checked in with myself and honestly sometimes I do. 🙂 The majority of the time, I make the time; because I know that if I am going to truly be there for my family and my clients, I have to be there for me.

I’m going to outline some of the practices, that I feel are most beneficial to me at this point in my life. I’m going to start off by saying; yes I believe in Angels, spirit guides and spirit animals. About twice a month, I like to create a space to consciously invite them into my life and remind them, how thankful I am for them being there for me and ask for any additional guidance for that moment. Lighting candles creates a comfortable space to speak to them in, and it’s a great reminder for me to fully receive their support.

I do energy clearings on myself, and those in my immediate space, whenever I feel the urge. An in-depth clearing may look like once a week for me, but I also like to check in daily, to see how my field is looking and do mini clearings. The in-depth clearing involves me going into a meditative space, to let myself be guided to where I need to go. I feel the flow to release any imbalances to create a complete space of harmony in my energetic field.

I have essential oils and sprays that I use daily; they are uniquely imbedded with different intentions that I align with. For example when I feel as if I need to create more peace, I will pick up the calm spray and set an intention as I am spraying it. I will say, “Let peace and stillness come into my field.” This serves as a great reminder to receive more of what I am wanting in that moment. I also use them with my children to help put them into the practice of receiving more of what they are wanting. It can also bring awareness to a misaligned behavior to create change more easily, which is great for mommy and the whole family.

I meditate most days, even if it’s just for a short time. If I take those moments to connect and disengage, it helps me for the entire day, creating a sense of peace around me.

Sometimes practices, I like to live by, don’t fit the neat and pretty category, like sprays, intentions and angels. Raw open and honest expression can take many forms, when being real with your partner, kids, friends or who ever you are relating with is paramount. This does not mean you should go off about everything at all times; however, it does mean you should express where you are at, if that’s what you are being led to do. You must tap into your intuition and be guided in each moment. Ask yourself, should I process this on my own? should I express this? and what is the next step? Inner reflection and self-talk helps keep you engaged, in refreshing your choices and options.

One more thing, daily or every other day movement combined with nature definitely helps for grounding intentions and receiving clarity.
These are some of my practices, participate in your own self-care, be kind to yourself and always be grateful. Stay in gratitude; it is a very potent and powerful vibration!!